8 Most Common Fetishes

A sexual fetish is defined as having an erotic response to inanimate objects and/or non-genital body parts. Whatever turns you on is up to your own personal preferences. There’s nothing wrong with what you like, as long as the person you’re doing it with is 100% on board with it and they don’t get hurt unintentionally. Since we’re all a bunch of weird human beings, there will always be someone out there who likes the same things as us, whether it’s wearing a paper bad on your head or just rolling around in a pool of canned spaghetti.

Here are 8 of the most common fetishes you might be into:

BDSM – It stands for bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM went from taboo to the mainstream quicker than you could turn the page of a book. Whether you’re down for some light bondage via tying or being tied, being restricted and bound, it often ties in with being dominated and being submissive. If you are a fan of inflicting the pain, you’re a sadist (sadism) and if you enjoy receiving that pain, you’re a masochist (masochism). What most newbies don’t understand is that the BDSM relationship is based heavily on consent and trust and is not about violence nor abuse.

Podophilia – It’s not what you think, this is actually the term for a foot fetish. Foot fetishes will depend entirely on the individual person and can range from enjoying looking at someone else’s feet, painting their toenails, smelling those feet, and kissing or licking those feet. However don’t get podophilia mixed up with shoe fetish, that’s a whole other kink that turns some people on.

Pygophilia – The attraction to butts. Although butts are technically not a sexual organ, connections have developed over the years between sex appeal and buttocks. So if you like butts and you cannot lie, you’ve got pygophilia. You love the shape, feel and wiggle of a good behind. And let’s be honest, there is nothing sexier than a booty that looks good in a pair of jeans.

Trichophilia – This is a fetish where you get aroused by hair; usually it’s the hair on your head but it can also include chest hairs or hair on other body parts like hair on genitals, limbs, etc. Trichophilia can also include haircut fetishism which is the sexual arousal of having your hair cut by someone, you cutting someone else’s hair or simply just watching the act of cutting hair or shaving.

Anililagnia – This fetish is the attraction to older women, one of the most common fetishes of all time! So if you’re into cougars or MILFs, then my friend, you have a fetish. This fetish has been popularised by pop culture for decades with the most famous affair in American Pie and The Graduate. There are even toys designed just for you as well as dolls that are mature looking versus ones that are young and nubile looking. The amount of porn out there with older women definitely proves the Anililagnia fetish is insanely popular.

Stigmatophilia – A fetish when one is aroused by tattoos and piercings. If you enjoy the feeling of tattoos and piercings, this is what you have. You might not even know you have this fetish. You might just think you’re a fan of them but actually it’s your fetish.

Like to be naked or have sex in a public place? You can proudly put yourself in the exhibitionism category. But you should never ever expose yourself to any unsuspecting commuters or minors. It’s criminal. However, you can still find ways to carry out your exhibitionist tendencies with minimal risk of legal danger. If you can find a place that has a good mix of cover and exposure, you can go nuts with your fetish. And once you’ve tried it and had that experience, you’ll want more of it.

Voyeurism – This fetish is kind of the opposite of exhibitionism. This is a fetish when you take pleasure in watching other people in sexual situations. Being a peeping Tom is illegal but if you want to have your kicks, you can watch pornography, visit peep shows and sex clubs where it’s okay to watch and indulge in your fetish.

Whether you have any of these or something not listed, know you are not alone in your fetish. That saying “there is someone for everyone” rings true in the world of fetish … there is a fetish for everyone.