Online dating vs traditional methods

The internet has become the platform of choice when it comes to dating, and for a very good reason. Whilst people in the past had to meet face-to-face with total strangers, we can now talk to new people online from the comfort of our own homes by using our own personal computers. But does it make dating that much easier, or are the traditional methods from the past still worth a shot?

Traditional dating.

Before the internet was so popular, people had to go out to meet new dating partners. We would often go to bars and nightclubs in the hope of meeting that special someone; and it was a real effort most of the time. Not only did we have to prepare ourselves by buying nice clothes, but we also had to spend a lot of money in entry tickets, transport fees and drinks. But of course everything felt more adventurous; as you never knew what you were going to get. Furthermore, making all this effort would cumulate to a feeling of well-deserved success if we did manage to find someone who liked us.

However, the reality was that more often than not, we would end up walking back home alone, feeling slightly drunk and with a considerably lighter wallet than at the beginning of the evening. Now don’t get us wrong, most nights out where fun even if we didn’t find a partner who fancied us; but the endeavour had to be often repeated until we did find that special person. So in other words, traditional methods where far from effortless, and their results were mostly limited.

Online dating

On the other side of the spectrum, there is online dating. Instead of having to go out and face total strangers, we can instead use dating websites to send messages to people whose dating profiles we are interested in. This is great because we can do all of this whilst being sat down at home in front of our computers; meaning we have the time and space to deal with things as we please. Whether we are looking for a serious long term partner or just looking at having a bit of no strings attached sex; we are no longer put on the spot in terms which can make us feel uncomfortable.

So rather than having to talk over some loud music in a crowded location, we get to chat in our own terms in a fashion that works better for us. This is why the internet works better, and this is certainly why this method of dating is so popular.

Which one is best for you?

Ultimately, the method you choose can come down to personal preference. Those of us who are from a previous generation are probably more used to finding love and companionship by going out and meeting strangers; but as we grow older we might not have the time or patience to go to bars and nightclubs again. So even for those who are born before the internet got really popular, it still seems like online dating is still a very viable choice. Having been out in the past makes us appreciate how much of an effort it all is, and we can see how much easier it is to just use dating websites instead. So to conclude, how you date is really up to you, just know that ultimately it is best to vary your methods if you want to have a chance at love.