Should doctors prescribe sex toys?

Sex toys are far more likely to be found in your drawer but if you know a little bit on sex toys, you will know that there are more benefits of sex toys than just in the bedroom. Can you believe that sex toys could even improve your health conditions? So, should doctors shed all their inhibitions and start prescribing adult sex toys for increased sexual pleasure? Well, there are many nurses and health providers who really think that doctors should do so and such a challenging attitude could probably transform the lives for the better.

There are certain intimate health issues, which according to doctors, can only be cured through vibrators. In fact, it was in 2015 that the NHS started spreading brochures which contain information on lubricants, sex toys and other pelvic floor exercisers which can help in curing different gynaecological issues. Let’s take a look at some reasons to explore the local shop or websites like for getting your favorite product.

#1: It is important for you and your body to have great sex

One of the key areas where sex toys can help is making sex much more enjoyable as people will be able to discover the specific things and places which turn them on. When you have great sex, this improves your mood and also makes you physically attractive. If you have been experiencing a flagging sex life, you can spice it up with the help of a sex toy and bring back a little bit of fun into your life. Using a sex toy will promote your circulation and release ‘feel-good’ factors during the orgasm.

#2: Rejuvenating vaginas can be possible with sex toys

Few of the most uncomfortable signs of menopause are gynaecological. When levels of oestrogen start declining, this leads to vaginal tightness, atrophy or dryness. This may lead to dry sex or even decreased drive for sex. If you want to pep up your feelings, you can certainly use vibrators as they can improve the elasticity and tone of the vaginal walls and enhance sexual sensation. This even promotes lubrication within the vagina.

#3: Sex toys are even good for men as well

If you thought men couldn’t benefit from sex toys, you’re wrong. Men who use adult sex toys are less likely to worry about erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and difficulty in bringing up the level of orgasm. Such men are even more aware of their sexual health, making them more likely to spot any kind of abnormalcy and thereby seek medical attention.

#4: There’s more to sex than just penetration

There is a reason behind sex experts emphasising on the vitality of foreplay. Majority of the women can’t feel orgasm through penetration only and this is why it is important for the partner to stimulate her clitoris. Sex toys can easily bring her to a climax and thereby ease off your task of bringing her to a climax.

Therefore, irrespective of whether you’re a man or a woman, you have to know the medical and health benefits of adult sex toys. Once you know the benefits, don’t hesitate to get them from a reputable store.