Unique Sex Toys Worth Trying Right Now!

Regardless of your gender and sexual preferences, you should take a shot at sex toys. Over the years, the options have increased, so there is something for everyone. If you are bored with dildos and vibrators, below are some of the unique sex toys worth trying!

Anal dildos

As the name suggests, these are dildos for the anus, but are mostly used for stimulation. The girth is usually slimmer, and the base is big enough to ensure safety. Ideal for men and women, you can have one under the shower to feel your rear better!

Bondage candle

A lot of couples are thrilled about BDSM, but one of the main rules in that is safety. If you want to play with wax, a bondage candle is the ideal choice, as it has a lower melting point. You will find products that can be massaged on the skin or can be used to tease your partner. Whatever your mood is, you must have one of these candles in the bedroom.

Clitoral vibrators

Another cool toy for women, a clitoral vibrator is designed to make you feel better. These have a number of settings, so you can decide on the kind of stimulation you want. Not to forget, you can orgasm with one of these – Just go for a bigger one that can double up as a dildo. Check vuxensaker.se for a few options.

Double ended dildos

Well, this dildo has two ends, which can be enjoyed by two women at the same time, or else, reserve one for your personal pleasure. Some are designed to help with double penetration, so that you don’t have to use to two different toys for an orgasm. For women who love the idea of anal penetration and vanilla sex, this is a must have.

G-spot vibrator

Many men have tried hard to reach the G-spot but in vain. Thanks to the G-spot vibrator, you can do better. These are designed with an angle, so as to touch and stimulate the G-spot. With the right product, female ejaculation should be an easy thing, and oh boy – Women love these toys. Many online stores have dildos with similar designs, so find something that will please your girl.

To add more fun to your bedroom action, buy a few flogs, handcuffs and straps. If you are a woman, keep a small vibrator handy in your bag at all times – You never know your mood!